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The Hoteikan System goes to Summer Camp!

On Sunday, July 8th, a team from the Hoteikan Dojo visited Camp Wurtsboro, N.Y. for a series of clinics for the campers and a full demo for the entire camp.
The team consisted of Shihan Jay Hager, Shihan John Reddick, Shodan Jessica Fitzpatrick, Shodan Roberto Sequiera, and Jean Calderone, plus Sankyu Allen Doughtery. Camp Lakota is bound to the Hoteikan System as it is where Shihan Jay took his 1st Judo lessons 50 years ago and his aunt is the current Camp Director.

The Hoteikan Dojo News for June 2012, Brooklyn, N.Y.

On Saturday, June 16th Shihan Gary Rasanen conducted a Judo Seminar for all ranks and advanced students at the Bklyn Dojo.
Next Saturday, June 23rd Sensei Glenn Roth and Sensei Paul Sobko will visit the Bklyn Dojo and teach class.
On June 30th promotion awards will be handed out to the 3 Jr. Shodans recently promoted. In addition, Shodai Soke Emilio Claudio will be teaching a Yudansha only seminar. You don't want to miss out on this!

Sensei John Reddick turns 60 years old!

Happy Birthday to my "Big Brother" in the Hoteikan System. Sensei John Reddick turns 60 years young on Saturday, February 25, 2012. Sensei John Reddick was Soke Hasman's 1st Black Belt in the art of Shotokan Karate and has over 40 years as a Yudansha. Sensei Reddick has always been up to the task of Uke for Soke Hasman & Soke Reno as well as others during his early days in the art. He was involved in so many Martial Arts shows and demos during the 70's that he was called the ultimate Uke and performer!

Judo Seminar and testing at the Hoteikan Dojo, November 19,2011

The Judo Seminar at the Hoteikan Dojo in November was a great success and full of surprises!


Sensei Tommy conducted several underbelt tests prior to the seminar and awarded the students with their belts. They performed several Kata and self defense applications to the delight of the senior instructors. As noted, the senior instructors were: Soke Emilio Claudio, Shihan Gary Rasanen, both were the primary instructors for the seminar. In addition, Sensei's Jay Hager, Tony Nataro and John Reddick were in attendance.



Its that time of year again. The Brooklyn Hoteikan will have our LEAN and FIT program starting February 22nd.
If your looking to loose some holiday weight. Even get in shape and look fantastic for the summer. THIS IS FOR YOU!!!
With this program you will be taught how to eat correctly and take care of you body. You will learn the right excercise's that fit you.  As well as a great work out to really kick you right into shape.
All those interested in the program should call the Brooklyn Hoteikan at 718-748-2826

Sensei Thomas' Award

Our very own Sensei Thomas Carrano from the Brooklyn Hoteikan will have the honor of earning the Hall of Honor and Spirit award from Action Martial Arts magazine. The event will be in Atlantic City and we have a great group of Hoteikan members going to show there support to Sensei Tom. We would like to Congratulate him for achieving a great honor.

eXtreme Team ALL Star Match

We would like to Congratualte our eXtreme Team Martial Art league All Stars. These students were the best of the best and worked very hard to show true Hoteikan spirit.
Winning All Star Team
Captain - Lider Intriago
Freddy Guaman
Andrew Guiterez
Gianna Dario
All Star Team Second Place
Captain- Zack Hajjar
Yanni Samaklis
James Dario
Elias Samaklis

eXtreme Team Martial Art League Winners

The Brooklyn Hoteikan would like to Congratulate the eXtreme Team Martial Art League winners of the Fall 2010 league.  All worked very hard and did excellent. It was an exciting league.
First Place GRAND Champions
Team Legit Warriors
Captain- Lider Intriago
Zack Hajjar
Gianna Dario
James Dario
Second Place Wiinners
Team Deadly Assasins
Captain- Michael Perez
Yanni Samaklis
Andrew Guiterez
Elias Samaklis

eXtreme Team Martial Arts League

The Brooklyn Hoteikan is proud to announce that Nov 1 we have started our Fall XT league. We have three teams with 5 players each team. The matching are exciting and the students love to participate. We have pictures posted on our facebook.

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